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Dynamic Sunlight Filter (DSF)

KiloLambda_Dynamic Sunlight Filter (DSF)

Passively controls strong sunlight

Our next generation of optical power control technology is the Dynamic Sunlight Filter (DSF).

DSF technology enables users to benefit from passive light control in a number of ways. The DSF element is designed to automatically vary its transparency in accordance to the amount of incident light without the need for active participation of the user or an electronic circuitry. 

The DSF is based on fundamental principles of nanotechnology and nanostructure optics. In the normal state, when incident light is below a predefined level the DSF is highly transparent, so light just passes through. As the light level gets increasingly more intense, such as in the case of strong sunlight, the DSF transmission decreases accordingly, eventually reaching a darkened state. The darkening effect is selective and is limited only to the intense light areas. This process is reversible, the filter returns to its transparent state once the amount of light decreases to the normal level.

KiloLambda's proprietary DSF technology  enables users to control the amount of light passing through cameras, windows, skylights, eyewear, sunroofs and sun visors. 

DSF for Imaging Systems 

DSF for Surfaces