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Solar Heat Reduction (SHR)

Customizable Window Coatings  

The demands of builders, engineers and window manufacturers for windows that meets their specific  requirments, go far beyond simple linear filtering and include requirements associated with the visual and climatic conditions prevailing at the site in question, production costs and other considerations.

Selective Blocking

The basic requirement for an energy saving window is to let light in while keeping the heat out on hot days and in on cold days. Added to this is the consideration of glare and the discomfort caused by strong sunlight. The technological approach used by glass manufacturers to achieve this is based on absorptive and reflective layers that selectively attenuate parts of the solar spectrum.

KiloLambda_Solar Heat Reduction (SHR)


A Service Oriented Solution

KiloLambda has recently perfected the SHR breakthrough technology that stands to considerably impact the energy saving window industry. Our R&D labs formulated a unique simulation process based on our Optical Power Control technology which enables us to produce the formula for layer composition, defined both by the physical characteristics requested by the architect and the manufacturer's capabilities and constraints.

We took the process a step further and developed it into a generic methodology and a unique service. Thus, we can provide a fast design-to-production process as a turnkey project and this has positioned SHR as a unique end-to-end outsourced window coating solution.

Our second dramatic development is the application of SHR as a high performance coating on flexible materials such as polyesters. SHR on bendable surfaces exhibits high transmittance in the visible light range, high IR and UV rejection and an internal visible reflection that is on par with regular uncoated glass.

The newly developed SHR coating is available as a rapid development blueprint as a fully outsourced end-to-end turnkey solution to window manufacturers and producers of flexible/adhesive films who have a standard or custom requirement for high performance energy-saving window coatings. 


SHR Applications 

KiloLambda_Sunlight Heat Reduction (SHR)     KiloLambda_Sunlight Heat Reduction (SHR)