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Dynamic Attenuator

Passive multi-use device that has a dynamic attenuation level, and does not allow power exceeding its limit threshold to reach a protected device in fiber based systems or networks.

The Dynamic Attenuator controls optical power by limiting or clamping optical power at preset values,thus reducing optical power spikes or improperly set power levels from damaging sensitive receivers and equipment.

This new class of optical components offers potential system savings by eliminating complex power control devices, software and field configuration settings.


Offered in a standard LC/ SC plug style housing, Dynamic Attenuators can replace traditional fixed attenuators by providing more flexibility and additional protection during field installations. Unique features of the device's mechanical housing include an internally spring loaded ferrule assembly that protects non-spring loaded interfaces such as those found on transceivers from mating damage; a thumb latch for easy removal; and a housing that fits and mates with simplex or duplex LC adapters and connectors.




  • ROADM Systems
  • Metro DWDM
  • POP protection
  • Field installs

Test and Measurement

  • Laboratory
  • Incoming inspection
  • Production test equipment
  • Device burn in

Features and Benefits

  • Nano-Particle technology
  • Prevents damage to fixed optical interfaces such as transceivers
  • Mates with simplex or duplex LC adapters, transceivers and cables
  • Increased reliability performance
  • Wide temperature range
  • Suitable for uncontrolled temperature applications
  • Stable performance in a small easy to use package
  • Latch protection / engagement lever 


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