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DSF for Imaging Systems

A passive anti-blooming component

The DSF has the unique property that it automatically reduces the passage of intense light, only in the precise regions in which the amount of light is high and can negatively affect the image. This prevents the strong sunlight from saturating the sensor and causing overexposure.

Shooting in direct sunlight creates a tremendous challenge for the camera and the photographer. DSF, when installed within a camera, will greatly ease this problem and even allow shooting directly in front of the sun. Taking a photo while facing the sun will no longer result in large areas of the image completely “burned” (or overexposed).

Thus images taken with DSF will be greatly improved and reveal details that were otherwise, obscured by the harsh sunlight.

The Dynamic Sunlight Filter is independent of software, microchips or other electronics, as it is a pure optical component being completely passive in its operation. The DSF is built into the camera's optical system at or near the CCD or CMOS sensor. 

In the area of security and monitoring, the KiloLambda DSF prevents CCTV cameras imaging capabilities from being compromised through intense sun, spotlights and even deliberate dazzling.

The Dynamic Sunlight Filter retains the high optical quality and works with color, monochrome, video and stills cameras. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Passivity: 100%
  • Wavelengths: Visible
  • Angle range: All
  • Maximum attenuation at operation: ~20dB
  • Rise time: tens of msec; Recovery time to 3dB attenuation < 30sec 
  • External add - on module or a built in solution



KiloLambda_DSF for imaging systems    KiloLambda_DSF for imaging systems    KiloLambda_DSF for imaging systems     KiloLambda_DSF for imaging systems