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DSF for Surfaces

Based on KiloLambda's proprietary nano-technology, the DSF's light-limiting characteristics are driven by the intensity of the source and remain consistent for all kinds of light – sunlight or artificial - of any impinging angle. It is triggered by the energy level of the light as it reaches the layer.

When DSF will be installed in a car windshield, the blinding glare from approaching headlights will automatically activate the DSF to darken and reduce the amount of reflected light to the appropriate level. The same effect of automatic darkening of intensely illuminated regions should apply to windows and sunglasses. 

The Dynamic Sunlight Filter is an optical layer that exhibits high transparency in normal light conditions, going from a transmission of more than 85% to less than 20% in just a few seconds. The DSF layer will automatically vary its transparency in accordance with the amount of incident light, without the need for human action or electronic circuitry. The process is reversible with the layer returning to its transparent state when the intensity of the light source decreases to its normal level.


Visible Dynamic Sunlight Filter (V-DSF™)

Visible DSF™ is an advanced development of KiloLambda’s proprietary technology Dynamic Sunlight Filter (DSF™), which dynamically attenuates the intensity of the light passing through it; The light limiting properties of DSF™ increase with the intensity of the incident light.

Unlike conventional variable sun lenses, whose darkening is triggered by UV alone, V-DSF’s light darkening is triggered by visual wavelengths as well. This means that behind UV-absorbing glass, V-DSF™ works almost like out in the open. In addition, the recovery time - the time taken to switch from the darkened state back to clear - is much faster than most existing solutions sold today.

Visible Dynamic Sunlight Filter is solid state, passive and easy to integrate into production processes .It can be applied in prescription and non-prescription eyewear and in protection applications such as pilot’s visors inside the cockpit and is now being made available for the high-end consumer market.

Large-scale Production

Today, KiloLambda is integrating its technology to create a new generation of solutions for a multitude of mass-produced applications. These solutions are in the form of non-linear components and devices to control and regulate optical power in a passive way. In all its relevant applications the DSF’s ultra-thin, absolutely passive layer can be integrated into mass production, allowing for the attenuation of strong light and thus enhancing product functionality. It is equally suitable in glass, plastics and polycarbonates.


KiloLambda_DSF for Surfaces KiloLambda_DSF for Surfaces KiloLambda_DSF for Surfaces