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Laser Applications

Intentional and non- intentional high power laser threats may damage imaging systems, detectors and the human eye. When the human eye is exposed to strong laser irradiation a permanent damage of the eye may result.

The hazard of eye damage is strongly increased when magnifying optical instruments such as binoculars or sights are used. Classical protection measures which permanently prevent one or more wavelengths from entering the human eye are insufficient due to the availability of wavelength-agile lasers.

Therefore, a smart protection filter which will be effective over a wide band of wavelengths, highly transparent for low input intensities but limits or blocks at high input intensities, is a real need.

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KiloLambda's prodcuts for laser applications: 

  • Dynamic Attenuator
    Dynamic Attenuator controls optical power by limiting or clamping optical power at preset values, thus reducing spikes or improperly set power levels from damaging sensitive receivers and equipment.

  • Wideband Laser Protection Filter (WPF)
    A solid state, free space passive filter, which can limit or switch off the propagating optical power, when the power exceeds a maximal allowed intensity or a damage threshold.

  • Dazzling Protection
    A dazzling protection solution for pilot’s relevant imaging systems.