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Optical Power Control (OPC)

KiloLambda has surpassed the traditional techniques of light control by developing its own nano-technology and applying it in an effective manner to everyday applications. It is a technology that controls optical power for all wavelengths and does so in a totally passive way, as opposed to conventional solutions of limiting or blocking specific wavelengths and the use of active methods.

The need for optical power control and regulation applies not only to sophisticated communication systems but also to everyday cameras and even to a common car rearview mirror.

Today, regulating optical power levels within various systems requires an electronic feedback control or data post-processing, which demand complex and expensive apparatuses.

We explore the unique capabilities and advantages of nanotechnology in developing next generation non-linear components and devices to control and regulate optical power in a passive way.

Optical Power Control (OPC)

KiloLambda developed two main optical power control mechanisms – Blocking and Limiting.

Both the limiting and blocking technologies are solid-state based mechanisms, where both evolved nanotechnology manufacturing. Whereas the limiting is a reversible effect, the blocking is irreversible occurrence leading to an opaque spot within the hitting point. The achievement of limiting or blocking effects depends on the building blocks properties.For each application a careful design of the nanostructure solid-state building block is carried on.

The implications of KiloLambda’s technology are enormous in their ability to protect the human eye and expensive equipment against damage by destructive light sources, from sunlight to lasers. It is used to protect optical sensors, high-end communications devices and other light conducting applications, with enormous significance to industries in the photographic, laser, defense, security, digital imaging, automotive, building and eyewear fields. 

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